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K2O is a partnership that handles research and design on an urban and regional scale. After training at the Politecnico di Milano through the study of the masters of the Modern, significant international experience and numerous completed projects, over the years K2O has perfected the ability to respond effectively and in an innovative way to the complex challenges of the contemporary world. K2O’s strategies give an urban form to the needs of sustainable development, social inclusion, environmental equilibrium, metropolitan regeneration, and the attraction of investments so as to maximize the benefits and favorable outcomes for the reference communities.

K2O provides consultancy and project design, integrated, urban, and environmental strategic planning, and preparation of master plans with architectural prefiguration, all according to the highest standards within a process in which vision, building density positioning, the use of cutting-edge technologies, transport-oriented strategies, certainties in terms of time/cost, approval procedures, flexibility, and ROI are enhanced by urban design and by the design culture of the European city.

K2O is:


Degli Esposti Architetti


Enrico Molteni Architecture

GSMM Architetti